Briana & Roberto are Married!

While Finishing her Bachelors Degree and doing an Internship in Guatemala Briana met her soulmate Roberto.

Just being around this couple you can feel how in love they are. Both Briana and Roberto are so genuinely kind and polite.

Ive said it in the past and i truly believe when you see such wonderful couples like this that you know they had great parents as role models.

Roberto didn’t have much family here but you just know they must be great. Getting to know Brianas parents you see where she gets her kindness from.

They did a great job raising these two.

The beautiful wedding took place at The Royal Park hotel in Rochester. Roberto was so emotional watching his bride to be walk down the aisle that it made me cry!

I love weddings that are that surrounded with that much love.

Bellisario Florist did an amazing job as always with the flowers.

Russ from Music in Motion had the party dancing all night long. Ive never seen dancing like Roberto & Briana. AMAZING!

Im so honored that they chose me to photograph their special day!

Congrats to the Beautiful Couple:)

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