Brittany & Matt Tied the Knot!

One of my favorite things about shooting weddings is being able to experience the excitement with the couples. I am that photographer that Cries during emotional vows and while the couples read their cards  from each other.

And thats exactly what happened when Brittany read her letter from Matt. I love these moments and am so happy to see couples that love each other that much.

Brittany & Matt (also known as Barbie & Ken) were married on August 20th at St. Therese of Lisieux in Shelby Twp.

It was a beautiful ceremony. Brittany Looks Flawless. Her Dress i cant say enough about.  Her Grandparents house was the perfect location to photograph her getting ready.

Her dress hung beautifully in the foyer from the staircase. It was just the right spot! the window, the light, the room all just fit right with her.

The couple with their awesome bridal party headed to Indianwood Golf Course for the reception.

The Rain stopped just in time to get a few shots outside. Indianwood has the most gorgeous gate out front.

The Girls danced the night away while the guys enjoyed some cigars and celebrated with Matt.

I Hope to see this couple soon for baby Pictures:)

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