Erika & Mike are Married!

Erika and Mike were married at her Grandparents house in Silverwood Michigan in September. The day started off Wet… VERY WET! HAHA

But just as we arrived to the House for photos the rain stopped. Erika has been planning this day in her head since the day her grandparents bought the property.

She wanted to take photos around the pond and have a big beautiful tent outside. And it worked out just perfect.

After they exchanged Vows in front of family and friend we sat for dinner. The rain wasn’t finished just yet. but it managed to stop as soon as dinner was done. Its as if the rain gods

knew they were ready to do lanterns and smores!

I am so happy that everything worked out for Erika and Mike. She looked stunning and deserved to have the wedding she wanted.

There was so many details at this wedding. You just know she put her heart into everything she did.

Congratulations Erika & Mike!!!!!


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