Kelsey & Matt are Married!

What a Fun group to work with!!!

Not only are they a Gorgeous couple but Kelsey and Matt are extremely funny! And so are all their friends. Very Theatrical group they are!

I love it when there is so much positive, happy energy on a wedding day.

Kelsey and Matt were married at the Beautiful St. Tarsus church in Clinton Twp.

AFter we went to George George Park for photos. This place was special for the couple as its where Matt proposed to Kelsey last year.

The Reception took place at Petruzello’s in Troy.

I laughed, cried and was completely entertained at this reception.

Intense Events was the MC and Dj at this wedding. They were by far one of the best Entertainment companies i have worked with.

They knew how to get this crowd going and keep it going all night. They had Grandpa dancing and even had  the bride and groom Crowd Surfing.

I am so Happy for this Beautiful couple and wish them so much happiness!


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