Randi & Craig are Married!

This was my second wedding of the season and i have to say it has been a great season so far! Randi and Craig were awesome to work with!  I knew from their engagement session that they would be. Randi is very  high energy and just Fun to be around. Not to mention she’s a stylist so i knew her dress would be AMAZING! Craig is not so bad himself!

They had PERFECT weather for their engagement photos and you could tell how in love they are. I love working with couples who arent afraid to laugh with each other and be goofy, its what makes the photos even more perfect.

They were married at the Novi Diamond Center in the middle of May. They Couldn’t have of asked for better weather! It was gorgeous out for all their photos and the beautiful ceremony.

Ross from Music in Motion had the crowd dancing all night! The place was so elegantly decorated and the crowd had a great time!

Randi really did a great job planning this beautiful day.

Congrats to this beautiful couple! I wish you many years of Happiness!


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